The Science Scene

Thursday, May 5

"On Privacy and Self-Presentation Online." Carissa Veliz, a philosopher from the University of Oxford, is featured in Emory's "The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence: AI Humanity Lecture Series." Veliz will argue that to combat some of the negative trends we witness online, we need to cultivate a culture of privacy, in contrast to a culture of exposure. On the other hand, we need to readjust how we understand self-presentation online. Via Zoom. Registration required.
Monday, May 23
"About the Social in A.I." Mona Sloane is featured in Emory's A.I. Humanity Ethics Lecture Series. Sloane will outline a new approach to understanding A.I.'s social dimensions. She will showcase how cross-disciplinary collaborations help diagnose harmful A.I. to create technology that is in the public interest. At 4 pm in Convocation Hall, room 208.

Friday, June 3 to Thursday, June 9

"Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Diseases 2022." Emory will host the international conference Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Diseases (EEID), bringing together scientists from around the world. Among the key topics to be discussed are the role of climate change in driving infectious disease and the importance of racial and other disparities in causing inequity and preventing the effective control of disease. The focus on social justice and infectious disease will showcase the crucial integration of biomedical science, social science, public health and ecology. The conference will also include a workshop entitled "Pandemic Scenario Modeling and Science Communication." Registration required.

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