The Science Scene

Sunday, July 10
Pollination Ecology

"Using DNA Barcoding to Understand Pollination Ecology." Karen Bell, a postdoctoral fellow in Emory's Department of Environmental Sciences, will explain how new DNA barcoding methods can enhance both the speed and the accuracy of pollination identification. She is using these methods to examine the diets of pollinating insects to help assess the health of pollinators under different land management strategies and investigate pollinator declines. A Science Cafe event, at 2 pm in the Atlanta Botanical Garden.

Friday, July 15

"Celebrating the Anniversary of the Historic Pluto-Charon Flyby." Learn about the history of planetary discovery, especially that of Pluto, and how it led to last year's historic New Horizons' Pluto flyby. This event is a special Fernbank Science Center planetarium show, hosted by Fernbank planetary geologist Scott Harris and special guest Kelsi Singer, a planetary geologist and New Horizons team member.  At 8 pm at Fernbank Science Center.

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