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Saturday, November 28
Asteroid Impacts

"The Ridiculously Robust Record of Recent Asteroid Impacts in Argentina." Deposits of impact melt glass, former during the violent collisions of asteroids or comets with soil and rock, show that at least eight such events occurred in the Argentine Pampas between 6,000 and 10 million years ago. Fernbank Science Center planetary geologist Scott Harris has worked to unravel the mysteries of these rocks and learn what they have to tell us about Earth's cosmic invaders. Harris is the featured speaker at this month's Atlanta Science Tavern. At 7 pm at Manuel's Tavern.

Monday, November 30

"The Coffee-ring Effect and the Physics of Breakfast." As anyone who has ever spilled coffee knows, liquids that contain suspended particles tend to leave ring-shaped stains when they dry. This ubiquitous phenomenon has been observed for thousands of years, but the physics behind it has only become clear over the past 20 years. Georgia Tech physicist Peter Yunker will give a talk explaining the physics underlying coffee rings and other phenomena, such as why the final few pieces of cereal in a bowl tend to clump together on the surface of the milk. Some of these effects may sound silly, but many such basic principles of physics have industrial applications. At 7 pm in Georgia Tech's Clough Undergraduate Learning Commons, room 144.

Wednesday, December 2

"Sleepless in New York." Paralyzing, tormenting and overwhelming lovesickness is the topic of a documentary film by Swiss director Christian Frei. "Sleepless in New York" explores the frenzied nights of the newly rejected and the difficult path out of self-destructive obsessive behavior, toward a new self. Join a special screening of the film at the Atlanta European Science Cafe. Biological anthropologist Helen Fisher, who helped with the film, will be on hand for a discussion following the screening. At 6 pm at Alliance Francaise/Goethe-Zentrum in Colony Square.

Thursday, December 3

"Research for Prevention of Heat-related Illness in Agricultural Workers: Perspectives from the Pacific Northwest." A talk by June Spector, from the Departments of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences and Medicine at the University of Washington. At noon in Rollins School of Public Health, room CNR 4001.

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