The Science Scene

April is Earth Month. Check out the full listing of events on and around the Emory campus, including farmers markets, music, special lectures, recycling drives and more.

Monday, April 13

"Ebola: Moving Forward on Research, Curriculum and Global Partnerships." A community-wide discussion forum on efforts to address the Ebola epidemic in West Africa. At 4 pm at Emory School of Law's Tull Auditorium.

"Feeling the Heat: What is Eco-psychoanalysis?"  What role can psychoanalysis play in understanding the ecological crisis and climate change? Joseph Dodds of the University of New York in Prague will discuss this topic. At 5:30 pm in Emory's White Hall, room 112.

Wednesday, April 15

"Portraits in Disneyland: Stories of Mugunga III." A talk by Aubrey Graham, a photographer and Emory graduate student of anthropology. Graham will discuss her photographs of residents of a camp for displaced persons in the Democratic Republic of Congo. At noon, at the Emory Center for Ethics, room 102. An exhibition of Graham's photos is on display at the Center for Ethics through May.

Portraits in Disneyland
"Communicating Climate: How and Why." A talk by Dione Lee Rossiter, director of the AAAS Mass Media Science and Engineering Fellows Program. At 4 pm in Emory's White Hall, room 207.

"Climate Change and the Developing World." Peter Webster of Georgia Tech's Earth and Atmospheric Sciences will describe a strategy of "tactical adaptation," where good practices in hazard prediction are employed now so that societal problems can be addressed methodically in the future.  At 7 pm at Clary Theatre of Georgia Tech's Bill Moore Student Success Center.

Friday, April 17

"Emory WaterHub Opening and Tours." Dedication of an ecological water re-use system that will provide nearly 90 percent of Emory's campus utility water needs and fulfill 40 percent of the campus' overall water demand. The ribbon-cutting at 10 am will be followed by public tours of the facility from 10:30 am until noon.

Sunday, April 19

"African Cosmos at the Planetarium." Emory astrophysicist Erin Bonning has developed a special planetarium program in conjunction with an exhibit at the Carlos Museum that focuses on the stars, the movement of the sun and the phases of the moon, and how they have inspired artists from ancient Egypt to contemporary South Africa. At 3:30 pm at the Math and Science Center Planetarium.

Monday, April 20

"An Evolutionary Approach to Understanding Physical Activity in Humans." Physical inactivity is among the leading causes of disease burden worldwide, contributing to at least 20 percent of the most deadly chronic disorders. Emory anthropologist Annie Hooper will discuss evolved psychological and physiological factors that influence, or are influenced by, physical activity and how these factors can help address problems in our modern environment associated with sedentary behavior. At 4 pm in Emory Anthropology, room 206.

Tuesday, April 21

"Brave Genius: A Scientists' Adventures from the French Resistance to the Nobel Prize." Sean B. Carroll, from the University of Madison-Wisconsin, is the keynote for the Emory Department of Biology's Undergraduate Research Symposium. Carroll's research centers on the genes that control animal body patterns and that play major roles in the evolution of animal diversity. He is the author of six books, including "Brave Genius," which describes the friendship between philosopher Albert Camus and biologist Jacques Monod, and how they emerged as leading voices of modern literature and biology. Student posters sessions will be held from 2 to 5 pm and Carroll will speak at 5 pm, followed by a book signing. In WHSCAB auditorium and plaza.

"Exploring the Promise and Pitfalls of Altering Human Cells." A preview of the upcoming BEINGS Summit on ethics and biotechnology. The Atlanta European Science Cafe is hosting a discussion between Paul Root Wolpe, director of Emory's Center for Ethics, and Jacques Galipeau, director of the Emory Personalized Immunotherapy Center. At 6 pm at Alliance Francaise in Colony Square.

Wednesday, April 22

"Gene Co-Option and the Evolution of Novelty." Sean B. Carroll, from the University of Madison-Wisconsin, will deliver the Rhodes Lectureship for the Emory Department of Biology's Undergraduate Research Symposium. Carroll's research centers on the genes that control animal body patterns and that play major roles in the evolution of animal diversity. At noon, in Whitehead auditorium.

Public Health and Land Use
"Public Health, Land Use and Climate Change." David D'Onofrio, principal planner from the Atlanta Regional Commission, will talk about some of the scientific evidence, environmental policies and land use patterns that apply to Atlantans. He will be joined by Joan Piccalo of JP Design Studio. An Atlanta Science Tavern event, at 7 pm at Manuel's Tavern.

Friday, April 24

"Climate@Emory Day of Scholarship." Researchers working on climate change from throughout the Atlanta area will assemble on the Emory campus with the aim of exchanging ideas and sparking collaborations. From 8:30 am to 5 pm in Emory's White Hall, room 208.

Saturday, April 25
Science of 'Interstellar'

"Exoplanets and the Science of 'Interstellar.'" Georgia State astronomer Nicole Cabrera will address the following questions: What kinds of exoplanets can we detect from Earth? What kinds of exoplanets are really out there, and which of them could actually support life? Was the movie "Interstellar" accurate in its depiction of exoplanets? An Atlanta Science Tavern event, at 7 pm at Manuel's Tavern.

Thursday, April 30

"Academic and Industry Intersection Conference." An annual event focused on life sciences, geared toward fostering collaborations and learning about trends shaping translational science. Sponsored by the Atlanta Clinical and Translational Science Institute, led by Emory with partners Morehouse School of Medicine, Georgia Tech and Georgia Bio. From 9 am to 1:30 pm at Morehouse School of Medicine.

Wednesday, May 6

"Epigenetics of Malaria: Deciphering the Molecular Secrets of a Deadly Parasite." Emory post-doctoral biologist Elena Gomez-Diaz will explain her research into the epigenetic mechanisms used by the Plasmodium falciparum pathogen to adapt to the mosquito and human hosts, and the implications of this work in finding new strategies to fight malaria. Part of Atlanta Science Tavern's Young Researcher series. At 7 pm at Manuel's Tavern.

May 17 to May 19

"BEINGS 2015 Summit (Biotechnology and the Ethical Imagination: A Global Summit)."  World thought leaders will gather in Atlanta to discuss ethical issues surrounding stem cell research, synthetic biology and other biotechnologies. A landmark summit in modern biotechnology. Registration is requred. Email or call 404-727-2796.

Ongoing Events

"The Power of Poison." An exhibit at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History that explores poison's role in nature, myth and human health: As a defense against predators, source of strength, or lethal-weapon-turned-lifesaving treatment. Through May 3.
African Cosmos

"African Cosmos: Stellar Arts." An exhibition exploring the historical legacy of African cultural astronomy. Some 100 objects reveal how the sun, moon and stars and celestial phenomena such as thunder and rainbows serve as sources of inspiration in the creation of African arts from ancient times to the present, and illuminate Africa's contributions to the science and practice of astronomy.  At the Carlos Museum, through June 21.

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