The Science Scene

May 17 to May 19

"BEINGS 2015 Summit (Biotechnology and the Ethical Imagination: A Global Summit)."  World thought leaders will gather in Atlanta to discuss ethical issues surrounding stem cell research, synthetic biology and other biotechnologies. A landmark summit in modern biotechnology. Registration is requred. Email or call 404-727-2796.

Wednesday, May 20

"Learning about the Vocal World: Deciphering the Statistics of Communication." Leading scholars from biology, psychology, neuroscience, physics and medicine will gather to to discuss how they are using computational and quantitative methods to study the production and perception of vocal communication signals. From 8 am to 5 pm at the Emory Conference Center Hotel.

Saturday, May 23

"Walk this Way: How Humans and Other Animals Use Legs to Get from Here to There." Young-Hui Chang, a physiologist at Georgia Tech, will describe the science of mobility, including the advantages of taking a comparative approach across species and combining insights from biology, physiology and engineering. An Atlanta Science Tavern event, at 7 pm at Manuel's Tavern.

Ongoing Events

"Archeology Month." May is Archeology Month at Fernbank Musuem, which is featuring a series of exhibitions on the archeology of Georgia, from Native American artifacts to De Soto's footsteps.

African Cosmos
"African Cosmos: Stellar Arts." An exhibition exploring the historical legacy of African cultural astronomy. Some 100 objects reveal how the sun, moon and stars and celestial phenomena such as thunder and rainbows serve as sources of inspiration in the creation of African arts from ancient times to the present, and illuminate Africa's contributions to the science and practice of astronomy.  At the Carlos Museum, through June 21.

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