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"Volunteer for the Atlanta Science Festival." Join the Curious Corps, the army of volunteers that works to make the Atlanta Science Festival an event to remember. The 2016 festival is set for March 19 to 26 and people with a variety of skills and interests are needed to help prepare for and to run the event.

Atlanta Science Festival
Monday, February 1

"Racial Prescriptions: Pharmaceuticals, Difference and the Politics of Life." Jonathan Xavier Inda, a sociologist from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champagne, is featured in the Emory Race and Difference colloquium series. He will describe how matters of life and death have become key political concerns in the United States, including racial inequalities in health, from heart disease to diabetes. Inda will focus on the issue of dealing with these inequities through targeting pharmaceuticals at specific racial groups based on the idea that they are genetically different. He contends that while racialized pharmaceuticals are ostensibly about fostering life, they also raise thorny questions. At noon in the Woodruff Library's Jones Room. Please RSVP:

"Women After All: Sex, Evolution and the End of Male Supremacy." Emory anthropologist Mel Konner will discuss the findings of his most recent book, "Women After All." Joining him in the discussion will be Emory anthropologists Carol Worthman and Michael Peletz. At 4 pm in Anthropology, room 206.

"Enchanting the Desert: Visualizing the Production of Space at the Grand Canyon." Nicholas Bauch, a cultural geographer at Stanford University, will discuss his latest project: a digitized and augmented early-20th-century photographic slideshow of the Grand Canyon. At 5:30 pm in Emory's Woodruff Library, the Jones Room.

Tuesday, February 2

"Bacteria, Viruses, Antibiotics and Too Much Fun." Emory biologist Bruce Levin will deliver the 21st Emory Distinguished Faculty Lecture. Levin, a population and evolutionary biologist, does mathematical and computer simulation modeling, as well as experiments with bacteria. At 4 pm in the Winship Ballroom, Dobbs University Center.
Saving the African Painted Dog

Wednesday, February 3

"Delusion and Spiritual Experience: A Case Study and Consequences." Kenneth Fulford, a neuroethicist from the University of Oxford, will use a detailed case study of delusion and spiritual experience to discuss the role of diagnostic values in psychiatry and the values of people. At 4 pm in Emory's PAIS, room 290.

"Saving the Endangered African Painted Dog." A talk by conservation biologist Gregory Rasmussen, founder of the Painted Dog Research Trust, based near Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. He will discuss how integration of contemporary human needs with empathy for wildlife and habitats can lead to successful conservation practices. A Frontiers in Science Lecture at 7:30 pm at Georgia Tech's Bill Moore Student Success Center.

Friday, February 5

"Refugee Crisis, Human Rights and Medicine." This open session of Emory's Discourse of Disaster Course will feature a joint lecture by Emory law professor Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na'im and Emory cardiologist Hevel Mohamed Kelli. At 1 pm in the Woodruff Library, Jones Room.

Monday, February 8

"Argentine Tango for People with Parkinson's Disease: A Neuroscientific Perspective." A talk by Madeleine Hackney of the Center for Visual and Neurocognitive Rehabilitation. Hackney, who has a PhD from Emory School of Medicine, will discuss work focused on the design and optimization of creative movement/dance-based therapies to improve mobility, cognition and quality of life in older people with movement disorders. At 7:30 pm in Emory's Oxford Road Building, Presentation Room.

Tuesday, February 9

"Empathy through/with/for Music." Jenefer Robinson, a philosopher from the University of Cincinnati, will talk about how the various ways music affects the ability to understand and share, and to influence, the feelings of others. At 4 pm in Emory's PAIS, room 290.

Thursday, February 11

"Earth System Stability through Geologic Time." Daniel Rothman, from MIT's Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences, is a featured speaker as part of a Climate@Emory lecture series. Rothman combines mathematical theory, physical reasoning and field observations to study problems including the carbon cycle and climate, the co-evolution of life and the environment, and the geometry of natural forms. At 4 pm in White Hall, room 206.

Thursday, February 11 through Friday, February 12

"The Foundations of Emotions in Mind, Brain and Culture." A two-day conference covering theories and models of emotion from a range of perspectives, including brain mechanisms, social neuroscience, gender, culture, reciprocal altruism, moral action and more. Featuring scientists from Emory, New York University, Waterloo University and Columbia University. In Emory's Cox Hall Ballroom. Registration required.

Monday, February 15

"Seeing Sound: Mapping Florentine Soundscapes." Niall Atkinson, an art historian at the University of Chicago, will describe his research into the aural dimensions of an early modern Italian city. At 5:30 pm in Emory's Woodruff Library, the Jones Room.

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