Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Child soldiers of Nepal inspire film

Brandon Kohrt received his PhD from Emory anthropology in 2009, and writes in the department newsletter:

"After a few months of fieldwork in Nepal, I learned that there were large numbers of child soldiers being sent home from the Maoist Army after the conclusion of the People’s War in 2006. I had not even known that child soldiers existed in Nepal. I had thought of child conscription as predominantly a human rights violation in African conflicts. However, the mental health and psychosocial care of former child soldiers quickly became central to my research and intervention work."

Kohrt teamed with an Atlanta filmmaker to tell the children's stories in "Returned: Child Soldiers of Nepal's Maoist Army." The award-winning documentary will be shown on campus on Thursday, Sept. 24. Kohrt also graduated from Emory's School of Medicine in 2009, and is now completing his residency in the department of psychiatry.

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