Thursday, September 3, 2009

Exploring our brains: 'The internal frontier'

“I’m a great fan of physics and astronomy. I think of that as the great external frontier. One can really say that brain science is the great internal frontier,’’ says Dennis Choi, director of Emory’s Neuroscience, Human Nature and Society Initiative.

How does the mind emerge from the brain?

That question particularly intrigues Choi: "As we really begin to understand the biology of the brain, one has to hit this question. So, okay, we know what this molecule is doing, we know what this cell is doing and we know what this circuit is doing – how do I come out of that? Where does my sense of being come from? How do I develop a consciousness? Where are my thoughts, where are my memories?"

Watch the video interview with Choi, known for his groundbreaking research into brain and spinal cord injuries, and his insights into the mind-brain relationship.

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