Sunday, February 5, 2012

Brace yourself for tornado season

Downed trees at the Emory law school, following a 2011 windstorm.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has designated February 6-10 Severe Weather Awareness Week for Georgia. Do you have a plan for what to do in case of severe winds or a tornado? If not, it’s time to get one. Click here for guidance from Emory’s Office of Critical Event Preparedness and Response.

Severe weather is common in Atlanta, where large trees make heavy winds especially dangerous. Last year, a windstorm took down 40 trees on the Emory campus alone.

Tornadoes have been reported throughout the year, but they are most likely to occur from March to May. Georgia lies within what is referred to as “Dixie Alley,” where tornado activity is on par with the better-known “Tornado Alley.” Tornadoes can spawn with very little warning. In Georgia, tornadoes are more likely to strike at night, tend to stay on the ground longer, and are often hard to see as they are wrapped in areas of rain and hail.

Below is video of a 2008 tornado as it approached downtown Atlanta.

Windstorm reshapes Atlanta forests

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