The Science Scene

Saturday, August 24

"Beating Antibiotic Resistance: Can We Make Evolution-Proof Drugs?" Antibiotics are wonder drugs. Unfortunately, the widespread and indiscriminate use of these wonder drugs has led to the evolution of antibiotic-resistant pathogens, making antibiotics useless in some cases. Georgia Tech biologist Sam Brown will review the problem and explain why getting drugs that work well AND drugs that continue to work into the future is a hard challenge. An Atlanta Science Tavern event, at 7 pm at Manuel's Tavern.

Thursday, September 12

"Stepping Back on a Classic: Durkheim, Suicide and the Challenges of a New Era." Bernice Pescosolido, a sociologist from Indiana University, will deliver the Virginia S. DeHaan Lecture on Health Promotion and Education. Pescosolido is an expert on the stigma associated with mental illness. Her research addresses how social networks connect individuals to their communities and to institutional structures. At 4 pm at Rollins School of Public Health, in the Klamon Room (8020) in the Claudia Nance Rollins Building.

Friday, September 13
Zoobiquity Conference

"Zoobiquity Conference." Emory primatologist Frans de Waal is the keynote for a conference bringing together leaders in human and veterinary medicine, wildlife biology, conservation and evolutionary biology and behavioral ecology for collaborations in research, clinical care and public health. The conference aims to create greater awareness of the species-spanning nature of health and disease and accelerate biomedical innovation through scientific collaboration between a diverse range of experts in human and animal health. Registration is required.

Thursday, September 19

"Swarm Robotics: Lessons from Biology and How Robots Can Help with Environmental Monitoring." By drawing inspiration from social insects, flocking birds or schooling fish, swarm robotics investigates how large teams of robots should be coordinated. Georgia Tech engineer Magnus Egerstedt will describe how to make robot teams do useful things, including performing environmental monitoring and conservation tasks. A Science Cafe event, at 7 pm at Atlanta Botanical Garden's Mershon Hall. From 8:15 am to 6 pm at Emory's Cox Ballroom.

Thursday, October 17

"The Impact of Biodiversity on Human Health." A day-long Biodiversity Symposium, sponsored by Emory University and France Atlanta, will look at the role of biodiversity in disease, ecology and planetary health. The event will bring together French and American researchers who are studying a range of topics related to the topic of biodiversity and health. Two Emory faculty are chairing the event and will also speak: Ethnobotanist Cassandra Quave and disease ecologist Thomas Gillespie.

"Alien Invaders of the Georgia Coast." Emory ichologist Anthony Martin will touch on conservation issues related to the ecological impact of invasive species on the Georgia barrier islands such as hogs, horses, cattle, cats and ambrosia beetles. A Science Cafe event, at 7 pm at Atlanta Botanical Garden's Mershon Hall.


"Monarch + Milkweed." The Science Art Wonder initiative has created a visual representation of Emory evolutionary biology research by Jaap de Roode on how monarch butterflies self-medicate to protect their offspring from a deadly parasite. In the Chace Gallery of the Woodruff Library through August 31.

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