The Science Scene

Saturday, January 11

"Science for Georgia in 2020." Do you want to learn what Science for Georgia is up to in 2020? Have you thought about getting involved but wanted to know more about the organization first? The directors of Science for Georgia will lead the first Science Tales and Trails walk of 2020 to discuss the road map for this year and beyond. Join this free, public walk if you would like to learn more about how the organization serves Georgia. You will also have a chance to discuss the kinds of changes you would like to see in the local science community. At noon in Rose Circle Park.

Egyptian Hieroglyphs
Sunday, January 12

"Children's Workshop: Egyptian Hieroglyphs." Children will get to explore ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs at the Carlos Museum and learn about the tools of the scribe — palettes, papyrus and pigments — then create their own hieroglyphic writings on papyrus with reed pens. This event, led by teaching artist Lakeem Winborne, is designed for children ages 8 to 12 years. Online registration is required and spaces may fill up fast. At 2 pm at the Carlos Museum, in the Tate Room.

Thursday, January 16

"Social Media in Surgical Education: More than Just YouTube Videos." Emory surgeon Andrew Morris is featured in Emory School of Medicine's Surgical Grand Rounds. At 7 am in the Emory University Hospital Auditorium.

Thursday, January 23
Marshall Shepherd

"Zombies, Sports, Cola and Trees: Implications for Communicating Climate Change." Marshall Shepherd, director of the University of Georgia's Atmospheric Sciences Program, will discuss the challenges and opportunities of communicating climate change to the public, stakeholders and policymakers. At 7 pm at Trees Atlanta's Kendeda Center.

Saturday, January 25

"The Top 10 Geological Wonders of Iceland." Tamie Jovanelly, a geologist from Berry College, will highlight the natural beauty of Iceland and describe the island's evolution by geological structure, process and time. The talk is intended for people who are interested in learning about the geological phenomenon that has created the stunning landscapes. An Atlanta Science Tavern event, at 7 pm at Manuel's Tavern.
Geological Wonders of Iceland

Wednesday, January 29

"The Story Collider: True, Personal Stories about Science." The theme of the first Atlanta Story Collider show of 2020 is "Take Care." You'll hear five true, personal stories exploring the ways we look out for each other. From a public health investigation that hits close to home to an unexpected career shift in the wake of a viral Tweet. At 8 pm at the Highland Inn Ballroom.

Thursday, January 30

"The End: Death as Part of the Life Story." A talk by Susan Bluck, a psychologist from the University of Florida. at 4 pm in Emory's Atwood, room 360.

Thursday, February 4

"Modeling Neural Time Series with Linguistic Structure." It's hard to determine the physical basis of human language comprehension. It has something to do with the brain, but what exactly? What is it that our brains do such that a stream of words comes together to yield a communicative or literary experience? Linguist John Hale, from the University of Georgia, will discuss his research into this scientific mystery, which cuts across mind, brain and culture. At 4 pm in Emory's PAIS, room 230.

Thursday, February 6

"Designing a Heat Wave: How Cities Accelerate Climate Change." How do cities intensify the effects of climate change? What health threats are posed by rapidly rising temperatures in Atlanta? How can urban tree planting and preservation moderate the rate of warming in cities? These questions are all top-of-mind for Brian Stone, director of the Urban Climate Lab at Georgia Tech. He will present insightful answers to these questions, and describe how they can help reduce the effects of climate change. At 7 pm at the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum.

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