Thursday, July 23, 2009

Movies go under the microscope

What do Dustin Hoffman, Secretary of Energy Steve Chu and physicist Sidney Perkowitz have in common?

They are all on the advisory board of the Science and Entertainment Exchange, a new National Academy of Sciences program that aims to make mass entertainment more scientifically accurate.

"Scientists have strong feelings about how their profession is portrayed, and they should. The way science is handled in movies can have a major impact," says Perkowitz, Candler Professor of Physics and author of "Hollywood Science: Movies, Science and the End of the World."

Read more about the exchange in the San Diego Union article: "Scientific accuracy in movies? It's neither universal nor paramount."

What's your favorite science-fiction flick? Is it realistic?

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  1. Science is never FICTION.. The two words dont fit. If its according to the laws of Nature-Neter, then it is soo. The first words that make up "imagination" is IMAGE. So is it coming from somewhere in the universe to ur holographic brain. Stephen King and other movie producers get their characters from somewhere that exist in our MUltiverse. We are not the pinnacle of civilization.