Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Computer games called 'future of education'

In case you missed it this morning, here's the link to a great NPR interview of evolutionary biologist E. O. Wilson by game designer Will Wright, covering everything from ants to education:

Computer games are "the future of education," Wilson said. "We're going through a rapid transition and we're about to leave print textbooks behind. For example, I envision visits to different eco-systems that the student could actually enter, taking this path into that hill, with an instructor. It could be a rainforest, it could be a tunda, it could be a Jurassic forest."

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  1. Yes i have being reading in the news lately about computer games being used for educational purposes. If as much as it can become addictive to kids, i think using it for educational purposes is not a bad idea. It will be an interesting system because it will be fun and kids and students will be willing ti learn
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