Thursday, October 15, 2009

Averting the next food crisis

While the United States battles an obesity epidemic, people in some areas of the globe face a daily struggle to find nutritionally adequate and safe foods. Emory anthropologists Craig Hadley and Kenneth Maes wrote an article for The Lancet, proposing a new global monitoring system for food insecurity:

"The theme of this year's World Food Day on Oct 16, 'Achieving food security in times of crisis,' reflects the tremendous interest in food insecurity raised by the 2008 food crisis. Yet, as the world confronts the links between global food insecurity and crises, we still have little systematic knowledge about who was affected by the 2008 food crisis and to what extent. The lack of timely data, and the failure to account for heterogeneity in human responses, have led to general predictions that are surely inaccurate and have prevented a nuanced understanding of the crisis. This lack of knowledge is rooted in methodological and conceptual shortcomings."

Read the whole article.

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