Friday, April 30, 2010

RISE teen awarded Gates scholarship

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Alyssia Clore, 18, became the sole breadwinner in her family recently after her father was laid off. ... A senior at South Atlanta School of Health, Medicine and Sciences, Clore believes her essay on leadership, one of eight that Gates scholarship recipients had to submit, helped win the judges over.

In it, she wrote about having to be a 'mother figure' to her little brother and earning her family's only income, money she makes from a paid internship at Emory University. ... Clore plans to major in biology and then pursue a Ph.D. so she can continue the stem cell research she has been doing at Emory the past three years.

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Clore is a participant in Emory's Research Internship and Science Education (RISE) program. Her Gates Millennium Scholarship will covers the academic costs at any university, for any major, for as many years as it takes to graduate. Clore says she will pursue studies at Spelman that build on her work in RISE. The RISE program gives gifted students from inner-city high schools hands-on experience in the epigenetics lab of biology chair Victor Corces.

High school scientists thrive in lab culture

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