Monday, March 12, 2012

Medical mistakes, in fact and fiction

Keeping up with Sanjay Gupta, an Emory neurosurgeon, best-selling author, and CNN’s chief medical correspondent, is “not for the weak of heart, or the weak of anything,” writes Craig Wilson, who interviewed Gupta about his new novel for USA Today. Following is an excerpt of the article:

“The book's title, 'Monday Mornings,' refers to when physicians at ‘Chelsea General’ in suburban Detroit gather for their weekly ‘Morbidity and Mortality’ (M&M) meeting — a time to discuss and analyze what went wrong in recent surgeries, a private meeting Gupta says is held at most hospitals. That operation on the wrong side of the brain? It's discussed there. It's like going before a jury of your peers, not a fun outing for the erring physician.

“’It's unsettling to surgeons to realize they're not infallible. Operating on the wrong side of the head? It happens,’ he says, adding that no one is harder on themselves than doctors. …

“Deb Futter, Gutpa's editor at Grand Central Publishing, praises Gupta for the way he blends medical facts and storytelling.

“’Everyone is fascinated, and terrified, by what goes on behind the scenes at a hospital. Dr. Gupta's novel takes you right to the heart of the medical world,’ Futter says. ‘He manages to make the doctors real people with real problems and also marries medical information with a riveting plot.’”

Read the whole article in USA Today.

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