Monday, July 8, 2013

A voice for the science of sustainability

Emory anthropologist Peggy Barlett studies the intersection of economic, ecological and demographic change among farmers around the world. She is also a key player in moving higher education to the forefront of sustainability.

“There are so many ways that our culture right now is in transition,” she says. “As an anthropologist I see a whole shift in the challenges we face and the ways in which universities, governments and faith communities are trying to contribute. Higher education has so many tools and so many talents to offer, I think it’s incredibly important to make sure that what we know is available to the general public.”

Barlett is part of the Public Voices Thought Leadership Fellowship at Emory. A collaboration with The OpEd Project, the program is designed to cultivate a sense of social responsibility and to increase the number of women involved in public debate. Check out the web site of the program’s lead sponsor, the Center for Women at Emory, to learn more.

How a natural leader bloomed

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